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Our Products

TM500 Thermal Break

At KAAM development never stops.  For the last 30 years, we have the pioneers of the Private villas sectors with our innovative products that surpassed other products on the market and even equaled international brands.

Durability, reliability, and performance were always the target, and to render a high-end product answering to the demand of our clients drove us to develop our systems throughout the years.

It started with our TM-100, TM-200, TM-300, and our best seller TM-400 and heavy-duty TEC doors.

Recently in 2020, in order to answer to the increased demand for high efficiency Eco-friendly products, we have successfully launched (in collaboration with the world leader Thermal break provider) our newest Thermal break systems for fixed, operable windows and even for heavy duty doors that can accommodate Triple glazing of 42mm Thickness, and reach U Values that assist reducing the electrical overall consumption, especially when associated with high performance glazing.

Another advantage of the Thermal break system is the enhancement of the sound attenuation for a comfort of the residents.

The doors

Our innovative Heavy duty Thermal break doors will have the advanced features:

  • Hidden Door closers within the sash
  • Automatic closing floor weather bars
  • Standard Master Key system on all doors
  • Special heavy-duty German hinges
  • Flexibility for all types of Décor designs
  • Thermal Break profiles in collaboration with the world leader thermal break supplier

Thermal Analysis

Motorized Flyscreens

Answering the demand for large glazed openings, at KAAM we are supplying motorized Flyscreens and blackout that can reach sizes up to 10m Width x 4m height, with heat resistant fabric and Zipper-lock guiding system.

Ceramic Ventilated Cladding

In order to answer to the façade global solutions, we introduced in 2020 our new product of Ceramic ventilated façade that replaces the standard stone cladding and reduces the interface between trades reducing the coordination and headache for the contractor, rendering a perfect façade product.

JUMBO Installation

KAAM is taking on the challenge of Jumbo glass installations, with the safety of our workers and work zone is set as our main priority. Using the proper equipment and proper structural study makes the job look easy, which simply is not.

Our main concern is the safety of our teams and the final product for the end user.

Minimal Doors

As part of the renovation of the approach to our projects, Al Ahlia is executing projects with Minimal systems for the sliding doors, Slim curtain walls, and pivot doors that realize the dreams of our VIP clients and encourages the architects to explore higher limits to their design.

Movable Skylights 

A new addition to the wide range family of our products is the motorized sliding skylights with high performance glazing and sizes reaching 7m x 15m single sliding panel.