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Kitchen Art Company was established in 1996 in Kuwait 

Soon after, over come in the market, itís gained marvelous name in the Kuwait market. 

We are specialized in Wooden and stainless steel  Kitchen Cabinets

from Italy and Greece. maintaining the quality of kitchens is the major goal of Kitchen Art.


Kitchen art  is one of  the best  companies in  Kuwait, supplying and fitting kitchens for new and renovated homes.


Our very extensive product range can be viewed at our showroom - where you can see many types of kitchens its located in AL-Rai are.


Colors and technology to define the kitchen style right for you. Due to this flexibility your kitchen can cost as much or as little as your budget allows.


This made-to-order service allows you to select from the widest range of materials, and quality finishes and accessories available.


We are required by our customers to be the first and most flexible  in our chosen markets. We partner with our customers and suppliers to deliver flexible, cost-effective and quality products by efficiently utilizing our product features, human resources and leading designs





For a company having mission means having a clear idea of what you believe in at all times and working towards it with the maximum commitments.


Kitchen art  believe  in the total  satisfaction  of the client.


With a large showroom, modern kitchen facility, clients are welcome to visit Kitchen Art Company to get a first hand idea of what components can go into their kitchen design.